My son began seeing Missy just before his third birthday.  It was very difficult for me to understand him.  Others could understand very little of his words.  My son became very frustrated and was beginning to act out, misbehave and cry because he was not being understood.
After just a few sessions, I began to see improvements with my son.  Missy uses fun, age-appropriate activities to engage my son and not only work on his articulation, but strengthen his mouth muscles to aid in his speech.  We get to play with straws and whistles and my son loves it!  My son has gained confidence and everyone notices and comments on how well he is doing.  We still have a ways to go, but we could not be happier with the services we have received at Speech Therapy Plus.  We have recommended STP to many of our friends.
Parent of 3 year old

Our son began seeing Missy after many years at another practice.   We were thrilled to find a practice that was in our area.  This meant no long drives to other practices.  We were also delighted in the quality of services our son received from Missy.   She is energetic, fun and capable of dealing with patients in all age groups and with varying degrees of needs.  Our son, a fourth grader, was seen by Missy for Auditory Processing Issues.  As an older child, Missy was able to engage him, motivate and challenge him.  Not only did she address his speech and language needs, but she actively sought to treat him as it related to his school work.  This was a big plus in getting him to participate in his own therapy and not feel like a younger child.  He is no longer seen by Missy as she provided him with the tools he needed to continue to be successful in the classroom!
Parent of a 4th grader

Our son went through the Berard AIT Training offered by Speech Therapy Plus.  He had been seen before for speech therapy.  However, he also had been diagnosed as being dyslexic and continued to struggle with language and writing activities in school.  The ten day program was intense, however the results are phenomenal.  Our son is an honor roll student and has much more confidence in himself now than ever before.  He is no longer frustrated with schoolwork, is able to clearly express his ideas, and is more organized.  We began seeing results soon after the program ended.  It has been such a joy to see him grow academically since the program.  We would highly recommend it to anyone!
Parent of a 12 year old

We started with Missy about 5 months ago and we love her!  She provides detailed feedback and suggestions every session.  She is patient with kids and flexible with parents.  And you can literally see the results each time!  I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.
Parent of a 3 ½ year old

My stroke left me with faltering speech.  I have never had that happen to me before, and I was scared.  But Missy McDonald put me at ease.  She worked with me even when I sometimes did not want to do the work.  My speech is almost as good as new.  And I have made a real friend!
64 year old patient

Missy is an excellent Speech Pathologist and I have referred many patients to her over the past 7 years.  Patients of all ages love working with Missy.  She is a definite asset to our profession!
Lisa Williams
Lic. Speech Language Pathologist Colleague

Missy is an excellent therapist with a wealth of knowledge spanning across all communicative area.  Missy is the only therapist to my knowledge that has experience and expertise in the medical field, educational field, and now in the field of private practice.  That alone speaks to her drive to become a better speech pathologist and to know all she can about all communicative disorders.  Most of all is her warm and caring personality that alone puts her leagues above the average therapist.  She comes with the absolute highest endorsement from me!
Vicki Holland
M.Ed., M.S., CCC

My son, at the age of 6, was still not talking.  And when he did, it was very hard to understand.  Shortly after the Berard AIT treatment, my son’s speech improved daily.  Six months later, his speech is coherent and fluent.  Even his rocking back and forth while talking has subsided quite noticeably.  Speech therapy with Mrs. McDonald was the best thing we could have done for my son’s speech problem.

Parent of a 6 year old


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