Courtney Russell SLPA

Courtney Russell

Courtney graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders. While in Austin, she had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience volunteering at multiple places around the area. She gained volunteer experience at Austin Speech Labs providing speech, language, and cognitive therapy for stroke survivors and patients who acquired a traumatic brain injury. She also volunteered at the Capitol School of Austin working with children with speech, language, and learning differences such as Expressive & Receptive Language Disorders, Auditory Processing Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorders, Severe Articulation Disorders, and many more. Courtney also had the opportunity to become a Research Assistant at the Michael and Tami Lang Stuttering Institute at The University of Texas at Austin. While at the Lang Stuttering Institute, Courtney was on the diagnostics team that provided evaluations to children, teens, and adults who stutter to further research in the exploration of potential causal contributors to the onset of stuttering.

Before coming to Speech Therapy Plus, Courtney worked as a certified brain trainer at LearningRx helping individuals of all ages in cognitive skills training. As a brain trainer, she helped children and adults with learning disabilities, attention struggles, speech and language disorders, memory decline, and many more to strengthen their cognitive skills. Courtney joined the Speech Therapy Plus team in August 2019 helping out in the occupational therapy front office when needed, as well as helping us out with marketing.

Along with helping others, Courtney loves spending quality time with her family and traveling to see her friends. She loves animals, being outdoors, and playing/watching sports.





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