Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT)

When a parent is faced with finding interventions for a child who may be struggling with learning, developmental and/or behavioral problems, they need to explore many options currently available and evaluate each one. They must take into consideration the effectiveness of the intervention (considering relative benefits/risks), whether it is appropriate for their particular child, the timing of the program relative to other inventions that are being done, cost and accessibility.

Berard AIT is an educational intervention that was invented by Dr. Guy Berard. Auditory Integration Training is based on a scientific protocol with over 30 years of scientific research, including 28 clinical studies.

Auditory Integration Training (AIT) is a sound therapy that efficiently retrains a disorganized auditory system and improves hearing distortions and sound sensitivity.

Participants listen through headphones to modulated music from an AIT device for 20 sessions of 30 minutes each, for a total of 10 hours of listening therapy, completed over 10 consecutive days.

**Have you or your child ever had trouble with speech and/or language skills?
**Do you or your child have difficulty with reading, writing or spelling?
**Is attention or concentration poor?
**Is there evidence of an auditory processing or visual processing disorder?
**Have you or your child been diagnosed with a learning disability, dyslexia or some other developmental/behavioral disorder?

If you have answered yes to some or all of the questions above, then Berard AIT is an excellent program to improve skills for persons with the above challenges.   As a parent, it’s difficult to watch as our children struggle with school or any other activities.  While Berard AIT is not a cure, it has been proven to be quite beneficial to the majority of participants.   Some of the benefits achieved with the program are:

**Speech and Language Improvement
**Better Reading/Writing/Spelling Skills
**Improved Sensory Integration
**Enhanced Motor Skills
**Better Socialization Skills
**Improved Sleep
**More Varied Diet

A person interested in participating in the Berard AIT session must be a minimum of 3 years of age, be accepting of the headphone use and be capable of attending sessions twice daily for a period of 10 days.   Parents and/or guardians of minors MUST be present with the child during the actual Berard AIT session.

If you are interested in obtaining more information regarding the Berard AIT program offered by Speech Therapy Plus, you may contact our office at (281)232-1900.  You may also visit the official Berard AIT website to further explore the program, its’ studies and other important information.

If you have chosen Bearad, please consider the following, it's a list of procedures we’d like you to follow during the next ten days.   Please feel to ask any questions during the session.  

  •  Be on time!   This is very important as we have several patients attending the BERARD AIT session.  We also continue to see our regular patients as well.     Therefore, your timeliness is VERY important.
  • A parent or guardian must remain with the patient during each session, for the entire 30 minutes.    As mentioned earlier, regular therapy sessions will continue as scheduled, many times at the same times as the BERARD AIT appointments.
  • The provider will explain to the parent/guardian what is acceptable during these sessions.
  • Patients are not allowed to eat or drink during the session.   It is recommended that the patient drink lots of water before and after the session as well as during the 10 day period.
  • Patient is not allowed to have any cognitive activity during the session time.  They must be able to listen and pay attention to the music only.
  • Provider will provide some tactile toys which the patient may use during the session.
  • Patient must sit and listen to the music with headphones during the entire session.

 The following is a list of effects you might observe in the patient during the BERARD AIT session.  These are all normal and vary with the individual.  However, if you are unsure, please ask your provider!   We are here to assist, support and guide you during this time.

  • The patient may tire easily and require more sleep.
  • The patient’s appetite may fluctuate during this time.
  • The patient may become more sensitive to noise levels.
  • The patient may become more easily agitated and act out.   
  • The patient may become more emotional in general.

 We urge you to discuss with us, at any time, anything that you feel is out of norm for your child.     We want to reassure you such changes are normal for your child to experience.    These symptoms usually subside and return to normal within a short period of time following the conclusion of the session.

We firmly believe as practitioners as well as parents of children who have been through the BERARD AIT program, that the benefits of this program are many.   We believe that you and your child will notice many changes in the months following BERARD AIT.     Some of these changes include but are NOT limited to:

  • Improved cognitive abilities
  • Demonstrate less anxiety and irritability
  • Improved attention abilities and concentration
  • Improved speech and language
  • Better coordination and motor skills
  • More socialization with others
  • More confidence
  • Improved sensory integration
  • Better reading, writing and spelling skills

 Again, we are happy that you have chosen Speech Therapy Plus for your BERARD AIT session.    With your help in observance of the guidelines mentioned above, we look forward to a very successful session!



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